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Are you the original manufacturer of the AC Cobra?

AC Cars is now Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer, being in business since 1901, and remains the original manufacturer of the AC Cobra.

The AC Cobra was a collaboration between AC Cars and Carroll Shelby. AC Cars was responsible for the production of the first AC Cobra chassis in 1962, from its factory in Thames Ditton, England. From 1962 to 1968, when the collaboration with the American partner ceased, all genuine AC Cobra chassis were produced by AC Cars, and it has continued to produce the car ever since – it is still selling genuine AC Cobras to clients around the world.

Who else builds AC Cobra?

The AC Cobra is reputedly the most copied car in the world. AC Cars is the holder of the AC Cobra trademark, and today does not have any affiliation with any manufacturer that produces replicas or evocations of the original AC Cobra. These vehicles are obviously not genuine AC Cobras.

What are the chassis numbers of official AC Cobras?

All genuine historic AC Cobras wear a correct chassis number, which is listed alongside all other ACs in the company’s ‘Bible’. This important historical record documents the providence of each AC model made, and underpins the importance and pedigree of the AC Cars brand.

Genuine AC Cars chassis numbers contain a unique prefix as well as their original, in sequence, AC numbers.

AC Cars continue to use COB prefixes for right-hand-drive cars and COX prefixes for left-hand-drive cars. The production of chassis indicated by the CSX prefix – intended for export to the US – has ceased in 1968.

Is the AC Cobra street legal?

Yes, the AC Cobra models currently in production will be provided with regular documentation to be street legal in all European and many non-European countries.
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Where are the AC Cars models made?

The AC Cars models are manufactured and assembled in our different factories in United-Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

Where can I see your cars?

Our cars are exhibited in our Headquarters in United Kingdom, and in our showroom in Zurich, Switzerland. 

What are the customization options for your cars?

Different customization options are available on our models. Please contact our Sales team to get more information.

Where can I make a test drive?

We can organize a test drive. If you are interested please contact us.

What is the delivery time of the AC Cobra GT roadster?

The estimated delivery time at the moment for the AC Cobra GT roadster is 12 months.

What is the warranty plan for your cars?

All of our vehicles have a warranty plan. Please contact our Sales team to get more information.

What are the payment conditions?

You will be asked to pay a fee in order to reserve your vehicle. Your order will be confirmed after paying half the total price before. The rest should be paid upon the delivery. 

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Are different payment conditions available, e.g. financing or instalments?

Special payment conditions like financing or instalments are possible under certain conditions. Please contact our Sales Team to have a tailored solution.

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