About AC Cars

As Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer, we understand the importance of preserving our brand heritage but know that we must continually invest in the development of our cars to ensure we remain relevant into the future.

This means combining new manufacturing technologies and materials with the craftsmanship and attention to detail that we have delivered for over 120 years.


60th Anniversary of the Historic Le Mans Victory

Headed by David Conza, the management team contains the depth and breadth of experience required to ensure that we continue to produce iconic cars that remain true to the essence of what makes AC Cars, and the famous AC Cobra, so special.

This means focusing on the entire owner experience, from the first inquiry through to the delivery of a brand new, hand-crafted British sports car built to an exacting specification.


The true home of the AC Cobra,

we will fiercely protect the authenticity of genuine AC-badged cars, and the investment owners make in their vehicles.

Please contact us if you want to discuss any aspect of our cars, or want to experience one of our legendary roadsters for yourself.

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Play Video about AC Cobra GT Roadster covered with Union Jack at London world premiere